Become an Exceptional Leader

How to Become an Exceptional Leader in Any Position?

If you are a leader, you have no one to blame. You must make the right decisions, form relationships, convey information in a way that is understandable to everyone, control your ego and emotions, be able to abstract, train team members, and take responsibility. All these are elements of an extremely complex phenomenon that we call leadership.

The Resilience of a Leader in Times of Uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned many industries upside down. We have never had such an experience: for the first time, we were closed off from the world, interacting with others only through screens, and at the same time, we were afraid of getting sick. But now, the whole world is in the same state, so we can analyze global trends, and observe and learn from the experience of other people, companies, and countries in times of uncertainty.

It is impossible to strive to manage people if the goals are not completely clear to both managers and subordinates. To manage is to encourage others to achieve a clear goal, not to force others to do what you think is right. It is worth noting that according to the simple American definition of the management process, “a manager does anything by the hands of others.”

It is necessary to realize that it is difficult to make a leader out of a person who does not possess such qualities. A modest, shy, insecure employee will not be able to lead the rest of the team. If one makes the leap to great results and one does not, and both companies are in the same conditions, the answer cannot be explained entirely by conditions. After all, to a large extent, greatness is a matter of choice and discipline.

Five Basic Principles on Becoming an Exceptional Leader in Any Position

There are five basic principles that will help you get on the true path of leadership in any position:

  1. Constantly learn and improve.

Knowledge acquired during reading is different from that acquired in other ways. Leaders are people who are always reading. Presidents, billionaires, and owners of successful companies always read a lot. Continuous self-development is a necessity for a manager. You need to be someone who is always learning and receptive to learning.

  1. Use of technology.

Technology strengthens relationships because, thanks to it, people can now not only work but also manage businesses, educate children, visit loved ones and be present at celebrations.

  1. Changing perception.

People switch from the external competitive world to the internal one, so work ceases to be the meaning of their lives, instead, it becomes a resource. When the crisis is over, not all workers will want to go back to the office.

  1. Willingness to accept change.

Let’s say you decide to make a change. However, how ready are you to accept them? If you are unhappy with what you have now, it is most likely the result of certain behavior patterns and habits. This is exactly what needs to be changed.

  1. Cultivate unconscious competence.

Your goal is to reach the stage of unconscious competence. When the information you have studied becomes a part of you, all decisions and actions will happen automatically, completely naturally. We all know that competence is the presence of knowledge and experience necessary for effective activity in the chosen field.


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